Outsource your back office needs

For many years, owners of small and midsize businesses looked at outsourcing much like some homeowners viewed hiring a cleaning person. That is, they saw it as a luxury. But no more — in today’s increasingly specialized economy, outsourcing has become a common way to cut costs and obtain expert assistance.

Outsourcing certain tasks that your company has been handling all along offers many benefits. Let’s begin with cost savings. Outsourcing a function effectively could save you a substantial percentage of in-house management expenses by reducing overhead, staffing and training costs.

This is where our Back Office Solutions comes in. Here at Antares Group, Inc., we have a strong and experienced team of back office professionals who work with restaurant owners across the country to handle daily bookkeeping tasks, such as verifying daily deposits, making sure that all bills are paid timely, tracking when checks and other payments have cleared the bank, and filing monthly sales tax for 400 restaurants.

Outsourcing your back office duties also allows you to leave administration and support tasks to us, freeing up staff members to focus on the business of running your business. Since we are specialists in this area, we offer superior service and current innovations that increase efficiencies, saving you time and money.

Since our firm has nearly 40 years’ experience working with McDonald’s and other quick-service restaurant owner/operators, we have a deep understanding of your business and all the reporting requirements.  Our team works closely with our clients to develop strong relationships and open communication with our clients. We utilize cutting-edge cloud-based technology, such as Intacct and MineralTree, that enables our clients to have up-to-date financial information about their business.

If you would like to learn more about our Back Office Services or other advisory services we offer for you and your business, please give us a call.

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