‘A piece of cake:’ Sage Intacct making a difference for business

“A piece of cake.”

That’s how one McDonald’s owner/operator has described using Sage Intacct for her 14-store organization in Missouri.

Dawn Giarla, who, along with her husband, Chris, have been clients with Antares Group for 20 years, made the switch to Sage Intacct for their organization about six months ago.

“It took a little getting used to, but it’s really been a piece of cake,” Dawn said recently when Carrie Smith, co-director of Antares Group’s Financial Accounting Services Team, reached out to her to see how the new software was working for her business.

Sage Intacct is a modern and dynamic cloud-based financial management software that not only provides powerful core financial capabilities, but also allows the user to create customizable dashboards and modules that seamlessly integrate into existing processes and systems.

Antares Group began using Sage Intacct for its Back Office Solutions clients about two years ago. The success rate is so high, that now Antares Group is introducing it to all of its monthly accounting clients.

Based on Antares Group’s success, the firm has been named a Sage Intacct Accountants Program (SIAP) Top Partner. Antares Group was just one of four firms that participated in the SIAP Top Partner Town Hall Session at Advantage 2019 in October where Antares Group Partner Frank McLaughlin spoke alongside representatives from global firms that also use Sage Intacct for their clients. Smith and McLaughlin also participated in a one-hour breakout session at Advantage 2019 where they offered insights on best practices.

“Anytime you introduce a new process, people can be a little apprehensive, but once our clients see how powerful Sage Intacct is and how much control they have, their apprehension turns to enthusiasm,” Smith said.

In fact, Smith is so confident business owners and their office staff will embrace Sage Intacct once they start using it, she sets realistic expectations from the outset.

“I tell clients they’re going to hate me for about a month, but they will soon love it – and they do,” Smith said.

While there are several cloud accounting software programs available, Sage Intacct is the premier program used by business owners around the world. Antares Group clients benefit from Sage Intacct in the following ways:

  • Access to real-time profit and loss reports;
  • Cloud-based software allows users access anytime and anywhere;
  • The simplicity for multi-entity organizations to see reports under one file without switching between platforms;
  • Automation saves office personnel time by not having to enter daily deposits;
  • Reports can be custom tailored to the user; and
  • Responsive support and dedicated help desk.

For the Giarlas, the move to Sage Intacct has been beneficial and one they recommend for other business owners. Dawn said being able to integrate two separate QuickBooks files into one and not having to enter invoices separately has been a time-saver each month.

“We have had no problems and we really like Sage Intacct,” she said.

Let us introduce you to Sage Intacct today. Contact Carrie Smith at 770-785-7855 or by email at cbs@antarescpas.com.