Get ready to go paperless

Enrollment in the McDonald’s Licensees Health and Welfare Plan will be exclusively online this year, but owner/operators have the opportunity to get an early start. The Plan is offering a financial incentive to owner/operators to move to online enrollment by July 1 rather than waiting until the annual enrollment period in the fall. Consequently, we […]

Going ‘Over The Edge’

Richard Sparkmon and Hillary Daniel, a member of Sparkmon & Associates’ Accounting Services Group, recently went Over The Edge for the Augusta GA Ronald House. Richard and Hillary rappelled down a 15-story building. To see more pictures from the high-octane fundraising event, please visit our Facebook page here.

Build a firewall of secure passwords

I’m sure that during the holiday season some of you purchased or received new computers or smart devices. These devices will inevitably make our lives easier, more productive, and less secure. The importance of using and securing passwords cannot be overstated. I have mentioned many times before that you will want to use different passwords […]

Charitable giving from IRA now easier

Giving to charity just became a little easier for those over the age 70. The PATH Act of 2015 made permanent the popular Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), which allows those who are at least 70 ½ at the time of the transaction to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution of up to $100,000 directly from an […]

You are never ‘too small to notice’ with software piracy

When you add a new computer or person to your business, do you just copy the software from other employee computers or installation disks? If so, you are putting yourself and your business at risk for an audit of your software licenses. Don’t fall prey to the “we are too small to notice” mentality when […]