Coaching can help bring out the best

Because skilled talent is expensive to find, companies turn to coaching earlier as a method for developing their employees’ potential. People are also changing roles more often and need to be supported through those transitions.

Learning to look within for answers

Coaching supports new behaviors and new ways of thinking, intended both to achieve professional success and hit corporate targets. The process attempts to tailor management skills at all levels, from supervisors up, by focusing on where behavioral changes are most likely to impact growth.

The role of the coach embodies multiple facets. It may be to provide reassurance and confirmation that a manager is on the right track; it may also serve to strengthen competency while solving problems and achieving results. But make no mistake: It is not career counseling, nor is it a repackaging of supervising, correcting, training or reprimanding.

The coach is not there to provide answers, but rather to elicit insights from the manager being coached. When advising, a coach seeks to discover what someone wishes to accomplish and then applies transformative ideas to reach those objectives. The coach may empower the manager by asking penetrating questions, challenging their thinking, possibly coming up with fresh options or considering new interpretations.

Coaching may be classified as a hierarchical model. In that case, a manager coaches subordinates while learning collaboratively with their staff. In an alternative model, team members together agree on goals and targets. As a group, they examine the dynamics among their team and discuss who is best suited to play which position.

Management coaching

Let us assume here an emphasis specifically on managers — as opposed to talented employees who are on a management trajectory. The focus can be subdivided into the typical duties that characterize a manager’s routine agenda:

  • Defining resources.
  • Developing strategies.
  • Coordinating divisions.
  • Motivating employees.
  • Resolving conflicts.
  • Overcoming team member resistance.

The manager’s overarching goal is to inspire organizational unity, partly by encouraging solid interpersonal relationships. The mission is to empower subordinates in order to boost productivity and spark creativity.

How can a managerial coach add motivation to those efforts? Coaches and managers work closely together, using these sessions for deeper reflection. It is an opportunity for the manager to reconsider the workplace challenges from different perspectives, applying a fresh recognition of their own strengths and weaknesses. With their coach, they can observe their own behaviors and reaction patterns. They may also venture into new areas. For example, some managers may have risen through the ranks with little preparation for professional conflict. Now would be an ideal time to develop those necessary skills.

An active partnership

Good coaches often uncover underlying employee fears of failure. It is important their clients understand that the entire exercise serves to tailor goals, customizing them to the circumstances at hand. Coaches rely on proven techniques to engage managers. The ultimate purpose is to make the manager more self-sufficient while providing them with tools for improving business and interpersonal functions.

  • Attentive listening — eliminating distractions and avoiding interruptions.
  • Understanding body language — maintaining eye contact, calm movements, nonverbal cues.
  • Asking exploratory questions — encouraging open dialogue.
  • Providing feedback — recognizing both successes and areas in need of improvement.
  • Planning for follow-up — suggesting an action plan.
  • Reviewing lessons learned — using setbacks as opportunities for development.

Managers who become distracted amid their constant flow of daily duties may forget to concentrate on their equally important leadership role. Coaches can direct their attention back to those skills and help managers develop the traits and strengths of outstanding team leaders, such as:

  • Celebrate hard work and achievements.
  • Collaborate on decisions.
  • Admit to mistakes.
  • Leverage strengths.
  • Show respect and compassion.

First-rate coaching can be life changing at best and shed new light on longtime practices. Managers can even take some of the lessons beyond their workplace, learning to be better listeners by understanding the difference between what is being expressly said and, just as importantly, what is not being said.

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Succession & Transition Strategies

Creating a successful succession plan is about protecting the future of a business and/or brand and ensuring there is a strategy in place to ensure your business continues to thrive.

After years of investing time, money and other resources, it’s imperative to prepare for this next stage in business and life. Poor planning can increase risks for stakeholders and tarnish legacies. Let’s make sure the next generation is well-equipped and ready to take your life’s work and family legacy to an even greater level of success.

Each situation is unique because the needs of each one involved are unique. We carefully review each opportunity to determine how best to structure a transition while meeting your goals, complying with any brand licensing polices and minimizing the tax implications of the transfer.

  • Next generation succession planning
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  • Wealth management

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Technology Services

Antares Group’s technology team provides convenient hardware and software support, along with comprehensive cloud accounting services with 24/7 access to up-to-date financial information exactly the way you want it, on any connected device, with a customizable dashboard interface. We use best-in class cloud accounting platforms and software including Sage Intacct, and robot process automation (RPA) with integration capabilities with some of the leading point-of-sale, payroll, and business operations management software programs.

Cloud accounting is just the beginning; Antares Group’s experienced technology team also performs system evaluations and makes recommendations for products and services that will help your business run more efficiently, as well as protecting your information and infrastructure with robust security options. Using the right technology for automation will simplify your life and keep your valuable data safe..

  • Technology and security optimization
  • Complete cloud accounting services
  • Computer troubleshooting assistance with remote and onsite repair

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Business Planning & Valuation

An accurate understanding of your company’s current value and financial viability is vital for achieving business success and the launch pad to boundless possibilities in the years to come. Realistic valuations are essential for long-term strategic plans, business successions and expansions, gift and estate planning, and a lucrative retirement package. Planning for where you want to go in the future is what our business and tax advisors do best. Whatever your goals, we are here to provide you with the right plan and insightful guidance to achieve it.

  • Trend reporting and analysis and business valuation
  • General business and start-up consulting
  • Major reinvestment planning
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Back Office Solutions

In such a fast-moving business environment, business owners need every advantage to succeed. Improving efficiency should be an ongoing part of your strategy for financial success, empowering you to make continuous improvements.

Whether your business is a single location seeking to grow effectively and sustainably, an established franchise brand adding new locations, or something in between, Antares Group provides a suite of back office services and the financial expertise to help business owners and managers achieve their operational and financial goals. In the process of supporting your essential back office operations with practical solutions, we analyze the function and effectiveness, looking for inefficiencies and potential liabilities, offering valuable insights for owners and managers.

  • Daily deposit verification and online banking monitoring
  • Process invoices and code general ledger accounts
  • Process vendor payments and file 1099s
  • Prepare and file sales and use tax returns
  • Reconcile bank, credit card and cashless sales accounts

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Tax Advisory

Minimizing your tax burden is a year-round strategy; planning for and preparing complex business and individual tax returns is where Antares Group excels. Beyond simply helping you fulfill basic tax obligations, you can rely on our tax advisory team to keep you informed of ever-changing regulations and keep you in compliance. We conduct regular reviews to make sure all methods of reducing your tax liabilities are being used. We routinely assess your personal income tax situation and cash flow to guard against the unexpected. This ongoing strategic analysis empowers you to maximize tax savings and capitalize on new opportunities.

In addition, we provide advisory services for new business startups, acquisitions, and dispositions. Through careful analysis, we help clients determine the best structure and make the process as seamless as possible.

  • Business and individual year-end tax returns
  • Personal property, gift, and trust income tax returns
  • Fixed asset setup and maintenance
  • Annual tax planning and preparation

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Cloud Accounting

Whether you run a small closely held business or a large franchise operation, maintaining a firm grasp of accounting and bookkeeping can be challenging. Between managing staff and overseeing daily operations, there is not enough time to dig into the books and make sense of the financials. You need to know the facts and the implications. – having precise, up-to-date information at hand means you always know your financial position so you can make informed decisions that keep your business moving forward.

The financial experts at Antares can create a custom menu of accounting and tax services perfectly catered to your business needs, including accurate and timely financial statements and reports, so you are always prepared to respond quickly to changing and challenging circumstances. Along the way, we provide clear feedback and financial guidance to help you predict trends and recognize issues, then make the necessary adjustments to sustain cash flow throughout the year.

  • Timely preparation of financial statements based on your particular needs
  • Complete preparation of sales, payroll, inventory, accrual, and prepaid journal entries
  • Meticulous monthly bank and credit card reconciliations

Antares Cloud Accounting services uses industry leading Sage Intacct managment software to provide the precise, up-to-date information you need to always know your financial position, so you can make well-informed decisions.

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