Heidi Pearson: It all adds up

Heidi Pearson likes to play it by the numbers.

This year, the numbers 2 and 15 are significant. In November, Heidi will celebrate her 15th year with the firm. She will mark in October her second year as a partner.

“I have learned a lot over the past 15 years, mostly about building and strengthening relationships,” Heidi said. “There are so many people who can do the technical work of a CPA, but here, our focus has been to build personal relationships with our clients and do more than just conduct transactions.”

Heidi has always been a numbers person. When she first enrolled in Georgia State University, she was a math major before switching to accounting. Upon graduating, she knew she wanted to pursue public accounting where she could work with a wide variety of industries.

After working for a regional firm north of Atlanta, Heidi came on board the tax team with Sparkmon & Associates, CPAs, in 2002 where she quickly rose through the ranks of leadership, earning her MBA, CPA and CVA certifications. She was named partner in 2015.

In this capacity, Heidi said she continues to learn to balance technical skills with developing personal skills.

“The industry and the business environment are always changing and we often serve as counselors and mediators in addition to practitioners,” she said.

With that in mind, Heidi said she looks forward to helping steer the firm in new directions without losing its core foundation.

“What we’ve done to this point has been tremendous and I look forward to working with our associates as we move ahead,” she said.


Heidi and her husband live south of Atlanta with their two sons. Here are a few things about Heidi you may not know:

FAVORITE PASTIME: Camping and any outdoor activities.

FAVORITE BOOKS: Mysteries and thrillers

FAVORITE MOVIE: Indiana Jones movies