IRS Free File is good option for many employees

Younger taxpayers who want to get a head start on filing their taxes can take advantage of IRS Free File.

IRS Free File, which will open to taxpayers on Monday, Jan. 27,  is available for taxpayers with modest incomes – less than $69,000 – making it the ideal solution for hourly employees and those still in school who want to do their own taxes. The service provide free tax preparation, free electronic filing and free direct deposit, which is the fastest way to get a refund.

According to the IRS, most Free File users are under the age of 30, but it can also be valuable for first-time filers as well as retirees and working families who want to save money.

The tax software providers that are partnering this year with the IRS for Free File are:

  • 1040Now, Inc.
  • (English and Spanish)
  • Free Tax, Inc.
  • H&R Block
  • Intuit
  • Online Taxes, Inc.
  • Tax ACT,
  • TaxHawk, Inc.
  • TaxSlayer (English and Spanish)

These providers also offer state tax return preparation, although some may charge a fee for this service. The Free File site at gives the list of tax preparation companies and their criteria for filing a free federal and/or state return.

In addition, most of the Free File tax preparation companies provide a special offer for active duty military personnel who earned $69,000 or less in 2019, regardless of the companies’ other criteria.

The Free File site is mobile friendly, making it easy to use with a personal computer, smart phone or tablet. Just go to “Choose a Free File Online Product” will take to the list of Free File providers and their filing requirements.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.