Submit current W-9s to avoid backup withholding

“The only constant in life is change.” This quote has been attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and between the sales and purchases of restaurants, transfers of ownership to Next Gens and spinoffs creating new organizations, most McDonald’s owner/operators would probably agree. Amidst all this change, it is important to make sure nothing falls through the […]

5 ways to protect against ‘chargebacks’ due to credit card fraud

Customer and merchant alike battle credit card fraud. The consumer can try to recoup his or her money after detecting a fraudulent or errant transaction. The business owner, though, can take steps before the transaction occurs to ensure that he won’t face a chargeback from a disputed transaction. A chargeback occurs when a customer makes […]

Beware of Arch card scam

  During this gift-giving season, business owners need to take steps to make sure they don’t get taken by scam. Several McDonald’s owner/operators have reported over the past several months that they have sold thousands of Arch cards only to discover they were purchased with stolen credit cards. In a recent instance, a gentleman entered […]