Got crypto? Make sure it’s reported on your 1040

The cryptocurrency world is changing rapidly and its popularity is soaring. In late 2021, the crypto market hit $2.9 trillion – and the IRS is trying to keep up. Those who invest in virtual currency need to be aware the IRS requires individuals to report income and capital gains from cryptocurrency on their 1040 tax […]

IRS to begin contacting holders of virtual currency about taxes

Holders of virtual currency such as Bitcoin can expect to receive notices from the IRS within the next month advising them of their tax and filing obligations and how, if necessary, to correct past errors. Virtual currency is treated as property for U.S. federal tax purposes. Consequently, the general tax principles that apply to property […]

Delete and ask later: Phishing scams on the rise

We have recently noticed a large number of phishing emails targeting businesses and individuals. These fraudulent emails come across as an unknown vendor or service sending an invoice, or contain a warning of some kind containing either a link to an infected site or an infected file they want you to download. These emails can […]