Credential scam with a clever twist

Online hackers are always on the prowl for new victims. Sometimes they can be large-scale, like the Colonial Pipeline, but most often, scammers aim to prey on individuals and small- to medium-size businesses. Awareness is the best defense. is a world leader in security awareness training. They recently highlighted an emerging cybersecurity scam with […]

COVID relief measures target of online scams

While Covid has changed just about everything, scam artists remain up to their old tricks. Some of their tactics may have changed, but at their core, con artists attempt to take advantage of uncertainty and fear surrounding the pandemic to separate their victims from their money. The IRS released its list of Dirty Dozen tax […]

Don’t be too busy to fall for this tax scam

An employer’s life is almost always busy, but it is even more so at the first part of the year with the added responsibilities of preparing documents for filing taxes for both themselves, their business and so their employees can file their taxes as well. Unfortunately, scam artists are counting on this hectic season to […]