You’ve frozen your credit but you need a loan. Now what?

There’s bad news about the Equifax security breach, and then there’s more bad news, particularly for those looking at pursuing financing loans in the near future. The bad news is the most obvious: As a result of a security breach at Equifax, one of the big three credit bureaus, personal information of 143 million Americans […]

Are you financially ready for EOTF upgrades?

McDonald’s owner/operators are facing some of the most significant changes to their business than at almost any other time.  McDonald’s is pursuing a historic upgrade to all its restaurants – starting with the Major Remodel Program and capped off with the Experience of the Future that requires infrastructure investments geared toward changing technology, customer experience […]

Managing a McDonald’s Major Remodel Program

It’s not so much a question of “if” as it is “when” to embark on a major remodel program at your business. With its Vision 2020 well underway, McDonald’s is aiming to have 85 percent of all restaurants modernized and updated with the latest look and latest technology by the end of 2018 to fulfill […]