Use the Cloud to power productivity in your business

Sometimes it’s not so bad to have your head in the clouds – especially if it means making your office run more efficiently. Cloud technology has become a valuable tool for driving productivity and efficiency for many business operations. The Cloud is a great resource to save data in a secure off-site location that can […]

Microsoft’s Vista has reached the end

Microsoft’s Vista operating system has reached the end of its life. Microsoft has an End of Life period for each of its operating systems.  Once a system reaches its EOL, Microsoft stops maintaining the software.  April 11, 2017, was the EOL date for Vista. While Vista will continue to work as normal, users will no […]

Too many passwords? Get one and be more secure

Technology continues to be a top-seller during the holidays and it’s likely that many purchased or received new computers or smart devices this season. These devices certainly make our lives easier, more productive – and less secure. Even as I was writing this column, I was reminding someone of the importance of keeping devices secure […]