Minimum wage increases add pressure to labor costs

With wages going up across the country, owner/operators must be sure to continue to place a priority on planning to try to offset the increased cost pressure as much as possible. Approximately 40 percent of the states will have minimum wage increases in 2019. Some are going up just a few cents (e.g., Alaska increasing […]

Keep eye on chargebacks from meal delivery to drive out fraud

Adding delivery as an option for customers is a growing trend in the restaurant industry, but as with any new feature, there are always challenges. One of those challenges involves customers who are unsatisfied with their delivery order. Some McDonald’s owner/operators have discovered they are being charged for refunds of complete meals when customers complain […]

IRS unveils new tool to search for charitable organizations

Are you looking for a worthy local charity or want to make sure your favorite nonprofit is in good standing? The IRS has published a new search tool that is designed to provide easier access to information on tax-exempt organizations. The new Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) replaces the EO Select Check. The new tool […]

5 ways to protect against ‘chargebacks’ due to credit card fraud

Customer and merchant alike battle credit card fraud. The consumer can try to recoup his or her money after detecting a fraudulent or errant transaction. The business owner, though, can take steps before the transaction occurs to ensure that he won’t face a chargeback from a disputed transaction. A chargeback occurs when a customer makes […]