Think you’re too big to be hacked? Think again

No organization is too big to be hacked. It seems there are almost daily reports about large companies that have fallen victim to hackers. In most circumstances, the hackers will gain access to the account and set up rules and additional folders through the settings that will automatically forward emails containing financial data to an […]

Use the Cloud to power productivity in your business

Sometimes it’s not so bad to have your head in the clouds – especially if it means making your office run more efficiently. Cloud technology has become a valuable tool for driving productivity and efficiency for many business operations. The Cloud is a great resource to save data in a secure off-site location that can […]

Microsoft’s Vista has reached the end

Microsoft’s Vista operating system has reached the end of its life. Microsoft has an End of Life period for each of its operating systems.  Once a system reaches its EOL, Microsoft stops maintaining the software.  April 11, 2017, was the EOL date for Vista. While Vista will continue to work as normal, users will no […]