It’s personal now: Introducing Personal Bill Pay service

Antares Group is excited to announce a new service offering that can provide peace of mind for the busy professional or the entrepreneur who has sold their business and is now retired. Just like our Back Office Solutions services for businesses frees up our clients to focus on their business instead of on their bookkeeping […]

Rehiring retirees is now an option for addressing labor shortage

Nearly every business owner is feeling the pinch of the tight labor market but one option to consider is rehiring retirees or retain those employees who are past retirement age. Retaining long-term employees with a trusted track record and knowledge of your business can be a tremendous benefit, but this has not always been a […]

What will happen if the worst happens?

You never know when it could happen, but you need to be prepared for when it does. Receiving a serious health diagnosis can be one of the most stressful things someone can experience. Even if treatment is successful, confronting this can serve as a wake-up call to make sure your estate plan is up-to-date and […]