Adopt key practices for preventing internal fraud

Many business owners are discovering that their assets are not as well protected as they thought.  Small businesses are susceptible to fraud most commonly due to lack of internal controls.  There are a few key practices that can help prevent fraud in your business. One of the most important internal controls is segregation of duties.  […]

Take steps to protect against credit card ‘chargebacks’

There are many victims in credit card fraud, but McDonald’s owner/operators have a tool they can use to try to recoup money lost in the event someone claims their stolen credit card was used to purchase food at their restaurants. The owner of the stolen credit card is not the only victim in this kind […]

Beware of Arch card scam

  During this gift-giving season, business owners need to take steps to make sure they don’t get taken by scam. Several McDonald’s owner/operators have reported over the past several months that they have sold thousands of Arch cards only to discover they were purchased with stolen credit cards. In a recent instance, a gentleman entered […]