WOTC is a win-win for employers and employees alike

Employers can get credit where credit is due. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a valuable and beneficial tool for employers to receive a tax credit for hiring certain workers who face significant barriers to employment. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit generally is based on wages paid to eligible employees during their first year of […]

Restaurant owners could soon face new scheduling laws

If recently passed legislation is any guide, employers in the restaurant industry across the country could be facing restrictive regulations on scheduling employees for work. The state of Oregon passed a statewide scheduling law this summer that many observers expect will become the template for other states to follow. The Oregon bill would impact the […]

Proper documentation protects you and your employees

With a renewed focus on immigration enforcement by the federal government, now is a good time for employers to make sure all employee records and hiring practices comply with the law. A recent article in Nation’s Restaurant News examining the impact the current political environment could have on immigration and restaurant operators quoted Dani Bennett, a […]