Estate Planning
Estate planning is not something most people look forward to, but making a thoughtful plan is a vital responsibility for every individual in order to prevent unwanted surprises for your loved ones in the future. And since life changes do happen and tax laws are frequently revised, it’s a good idea to have your estate plan reviewed every few years.

Antares Group understands that estate planning involves difficult emotions. We do our best to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible discussing personal, sensitive and potentially complex matters so you can feel confident your objectives are met. Our estate tax planning analysis includes careful review of your financial position, estate tax situation, liquidity needs and personal desires. We also work to reduce the estate tax burden as much as legally allowed, so your assets benefit your heirs rather than the government.

We collaborate with a qualified legal team to formulate a plan that reflects your goals and guarantees that documents such as wills, financial powers and advance directives are properly in place. We can also serve as executors or administrators of your estate to further ensure preservation of your objectives and facilitate a smooth transfer of assets. Our team approach allows you to handle all your estate planning needs through us rather than struggling to coordinate multiple service providers.

If you need help with McDonald’s business succession specifically, we offer this service as well. Our years of experience working with franchise owners have allowed us to develop plans that adhere to all licensing policies, while also achieving your goals for wealth and business control transfer. Please click here for more information.

Gift Planning
Sizable gifts of wealth or property are typically subject to reporting requirements. Philanthropic endeavors and gifts should be considered in your financial planning to ensure your donations are available, properly distributed and structured to realize their full tax advantages.

Determining when gift tax applies isn’t always a straightforward matter, particularly when the gifts are large or complex. Our financial professionals help you understand these laws as they apply to your plan and ensure that filing is complete, facilitating easy transactions. Generosity shouldn’t be complicated; we’ll make sure it’s simple for you.

Let us help you make your estate and gift planning purposeful and intentional.