A Successful Transition from Corporate Employee to Owner Operator


When Jerry Baine decided to become a McDonald’s owner/operator, he was already familiar with the restaurant on the corporate side. He knew that his new challenges would be different, however. He was determined to start off on the right foot so his business would reach the success he envisioned. He says, “When I was looking for a financial advisor 35 years ago, I was given Richard Sparkmon’s name, and based on his reputation, I thought there was nobody that could be any better. Sparkmon was a well organized firm with a great reputation that specialized in serving McDonald’s owner/operators.”


Jerry says that Sparkmon was there to help him make his vision a reality from the very beginning. “From the inception of my business in 1989, Sparkmon helped with everything from incorporating, finding an attorney, filing articles of incorporation…all of it! Sparkmon is a one-stop shop for new owner/operators.” As a new business owner, Jerry had questions, and Sparkmon had the answers and insights he needed. He says, “Their strength is their knowledge. I came with questions all the time. It’s a big help that they keep up with changes in the IRS code. I rely very heavily on Sparkmon’s financial coaching.”


Over the years Jerry’s business thrived and grew, always with the support of Sparkmon and Associates. “I’ve been Richard Sparkmon’s client for 35 years, and I have always considered him extremely knowledgeable in the business. He employs outstanding people in his firm too.” Even when life changes were part of the mix, Jerry knew he could count on Sparkmon for financial insights needed to make things a little easier. He says, “Richard has helped with estate planning, and when my wife passed away, his help in settling her estate was invaluable.” Jerry is a firm believer that Sparkmon is the right team for McDonald’s owners: “I’ve recommended them to a lot of new operators – probably 20 times.”


“The highest compliment I could say is that I have trusted him with everything I have. Richard Sparkmon has been an outstanding coach and mentor to me personally, and a very good friend.”

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